How to judge the quality of the rocker switch?




The rocker switch, the copper part in the electronic switch socket, is the key component to ensure smooth current and reduce heat generation. The high-quality electronic switching power sockets are made of excellent copper parts, which are anti-oxidative, resistant, and

Thick copper sheets and less riveting are the four major indicators of whether the socket copper parts are excellent or not. Therefore, how to distinguish the quality of the rocker switch?

1. The thickness of the copper sheet improves the current passing capacity and reduces the resistance of the copper sheet itself.

2. Strong pressure resistance, especially suitable for sockets, not easy to deform. Even if the socket is used for a long time, the proper clamping force can be maintained to ensure that the socket and the plug are tightly connected to reduce arcing.

3. Anti-oxidation, no rust, reduce the problem of resistance increase and heat generation caused by rust.

4. Less riveting, it is better to use a piece of copper to further reduce the riveting and heating of the rivet.

In the past n years ago, the use of brass as current-carrying parts in sockets was the mainstream; today, brass parts are still used as current-carrying parts and are of absolutely poor quality. Brass has a bright yellow appearance, excellent electrical conductivity and soft texture.

Abrasion resistance, but no ambitions in terms of oxidation resistance and resistance (elasticity). After long-term use of brass, the appearance of copper parts will oxidize and rust, the color will become darker, and the contact resistance will be increased;

Due to poor resistance and serious deformation, it is often unable to energize, or poor contact forms an arc, which cannot guarantee safe electricity use.

Now the mainstream sockets use tin phosphor bronze as the copper material. The appearance of tin phosphor bronze alloy is purple-red, and its biggest feature is that it has extremely high fatigue strength, extremely strong elasticity, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

Even after long-term use, its surface will not be oxidized and corroded, and the socket will not be deformed, and the appropriate clamping force will always be maintained. Considering the thickness of copper parts, if the product cannot be disassembled for visual inspection, it can be selected.

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